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Safety First!!

Our processing is done in a NYS licensed 5A processing facility.  Some food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if the product is mishandled or cooked improperly. For your protection, follow these safe handling instructions.

  • Keep refrigerated in temperatures 38-40 degrees F - IF cooking within 5 days or processing.

  • Keep frozen if intended use is beyond 5 days of process date.

  • Thaw in refrigerator or microwave.

  • Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards), utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry.

  • Cook thoroughly.

  • Keep hot foods hot. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.

While on the topic of safety, let's talk about labels.  All birds processed by Old Hibernia Farm must leave us with a label with our name and State license number, the weight of the packaged product, and include proper safety and handling instructions like those listed above. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are going to provide your own custom labels they MUST include safety and handling instructions.  If they do not we will apply one of our own.  For more information regarding the legal requirements for labeling please call us at 845-266-3630. 

Who doesn't love a good roast chicken/turkey?

  • For thawing frozen turkey - place the turkey in it's original wrap on a tray or pan in the fridge to thaw.

    • 8-12 pound turkey thaw time 2-3 days

    • 12-16 pound turkey thaw time 3-4 days

    • 16-20 pound turkey thaw time 4-5 days

    • 20-24 pound turkey thaw time 5-6 days

    • 24 and ^ pound turkey thaw time 6-7 days

  • Another thawing option is in cold water.  Make sure there are no tears in the wrapper, and place the turkey in its unopened bag in the sink or in a large container and cover it with cold water.  Change the water every 30 minutes to assure safe and effective thawing.

    • 8-12 pound turkey thaw time 4-6 hours

    • 12-16 pound turkey thaw time 6-9 hours

    • 16-20 pound turkey thaw time 9-11 hours

    • 20-24 pound turkey thaw time 11-12 hours

    • 24 and ^ pound turkey thaw time 12 + hours

  • Time to cook ~ place your turkey breast side up on a flat rack in a shallow pan (about 2" deep) in a 325-degree oven.  Shield breast with foil to avoid overcooking ~ foil can be removed towards to end of cooking to allow browning.  Approximate roasting time at 325-degrees are as follows:

    • 8-12 pound turkey cook time stuffed 3-3.5 hours, unstuffed 2.75-3 hours

    • 12-14 pound turkey cook time stuffed 3.5-4 hours, unstuffed 3-3.75 hours

    • 14-18 pound turkey cook time stuffed 4-4.5 hours, unstuffed 3.75-4.25 hours

    • 18-20 pound turkey cook time stuffed 4.25-4.75 hours, unstuffed 4.25-4.5 hours

    • 20-24 pound turkey cook time stuffed 4.75-5.75 hours, unstuffed 4.5-5 hours

Add an additional 15 minutes cooking time for each additional 1-2 pounds

PLEASE NOTE:  The cooking times and temperatures listed here are a general guideline.  If using a convection oven your cooking time and temperature may be different.  Please consult the literature for your specific oven for their recommendations.

Have a recipe you'd like to share?

Despite having some pretty picky eaters to please, we love to cook!  If you have a favorite method for cooking your chicken/turkey (or any other meat), a family favorite side dish, or a delicious dessert you'd like to share send it our way!  We're always looking to try new things, and if it gets the finicky ones to try something they normally wouldn't that's definitely a plus!

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