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The following hours are not indicative of our current processing times/schedule, but rather when you will have the best chance of reaching us.  We are a busy, working farm, in and out caring for animals in addition to processing birds so if you do happen to miss us and catch the voicemail instead please be patient.  We try to return everyone's phone calls as quickly as we can.

All appointments made with the staff of Old Hibernia Farm in regards to drop off and pick up dates/times supersede the times listed here.

Monday:  We are available 5:15 - 5:45pm for DROP OFF ONLY

Tuesday - Saturday: 8:30am - 4:00

Sunday: CLOSED


All processing is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Appointments are taken only BY PHONE or made in person.  Inquiries made through the form on our site or direct email will be answered with a phone call so please make sure to include the best number to reach you at.  While email is quick and convenient for most we are out and about here on the farm more than we are sitting at a desk, so replies to emails will be slow.  Call us old fashioned, but, well, we're old fashioned.

Turn around time for processing is 1-3 days, depending on volume, location, and any special needs of the client.  When scheduling your appointment we will create a detailed plan for your specific processing needs and will need to know a few important things:

     -The number of birds you'll be bringing

     -Breed/Type of bird (Cornish Cross, Freedom Ranger, spent layers, etc).  Gender irrelivant

     -If they are to be whole, cut up* or a combination of both

     -Whether or not you want you giblets and if yes do you want the gizzards split, peeled, and cleaned

     -How you want any damaged/diseased birds handled

Drop offs are typically scheduled for between 2:00 and 4:00pm the day of your appointment.  We can be flexible on the times, but those arrangements must be made well in advance and are done on a case by case basis. Feed should be taken away by NOON at the absolute latest the day of drop off, however we prefer they not be fed at all that morning.  DO NOT TAKE AWAY ACCESS TO WATER!!  If during processing we discover that feed has not been withheld there will be an additional $2.00/bird for the additional cleaning time required. 

We reserve the right to halt processing on any individual bird, or batch of birds, if we find anything that falls below our standards of healthy processing.  Any birds that we deem unfit for processing will be marked unfit for human consumption and set to the side.  This includes but is not limited to things like deformed or sickly birds, as well as any bird that expires prior to the start of processing.  We are happy to dispose of those birds for you, or to return them to you marked as unfit for human consumption.  We do not charge for single birds that are not processed, however if an entire batch of birds is found to be unfit or diseased there will be a charge for the labor and costs to clean our equipment.

Pick ups are scheduled according to the client's availability.  We will set the day when you make your appointment, but most commonly the specifics of day and time are set up when you drop your birds off.  Being farmers we know that there's a lot to get done while the sun is up so we try to accommodate our client's scheduling needs to the best of our abilities.

* IN REGARDS TO CUT BIRDS: All requests for cut up birds are taken during the intake/scheduling phone call.  Scheduling and staffing for the day is done based upon the expected work load for the number of birds scheduled therefore we cannot accommodate cut up requests at drop off.  If you decide you would like birds cut up, or more birds cut up, after scheduling  we require at least TWO WEEKS notice prior to your drop off date to make any changes.  While we do our best to accommodate our clients needs we ask that you understand that scheduling, especially during the spring and summer seasons, can be extremely tight.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Call us at 845-266-3630 to schedule an appointment!
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