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As you know life on the farm can be hectic and we are not always immediately available for questions.  We put this page together so that if we are busy you might be able to find your answers without having to wait.  


If your question is NOT answered here please  give us a shout

  • What if I only have a few birds, do you have a minimum?"
    We do not have a minimum number of birds PER CUSTOMER no, but we do have a minimum number to process for a day. We manage our schedule the way we do to ensure that we have enough birds scheduled together to meet those minimums. This allows us to keep our prices as low as possible while still serving all our clients regardless of their volume.
  • How does scheduling work?
    We schedule our processing days - most generally a MINIMUM of 4 to 5 -weeks in advance. Currently we are booked out at LEAST that far, so please call well in advance. Appointmentsare are scheduled BY PHONE or in person. You're welcome to enquire through the form on our contact page, but please be aware that email is not our preferred method of communication.
  • When can I drop my birds off for processing?
    Processing is done by appointment only, and we will work with you while scheduling to set up drop off times. Drop off MUST be done the evening before processing, most generaly between 2:00 and 4:00pm. Exceptions may be made for a later evening drop off when necessary, but those arrangements must be made well in advance and are done case by case. There will be NO drop off's accepted the morning of processing.
  • When do I pick my birds up?
    Pick up time is also lined up during the scheduling process, and varies by the days work and your schedule. Generally pick up is confirmed when you drop your birds off. As with almost everything else in our's very much a custom service.
  • What if I don't have crates to transport my birds in?
    O.H.F. does have a limited number of transport crates available for a small rental fee, on a first come first serve basis ~ if you are interested in using our crates please let us know when you call to schedule your processing so we can make the necessary arrangements
  • Will you store my birds for me to pick up later?
    We do not currently offer any long term storage. Pick up is expected to be next day. If you have a special circumstance that might delay pick up, we will certainly try to work with you. However, lengthy or unscheduled delays may result in either additional charges for storage, or forefiture of your birds.
  • What if you find somethingwrong with one of my birds during processing?
    We reserve the right to halt processing on any individual bird, or batch of birds, if we find anything that falls below our standards of healthy processing. Any birds that we deem unfit for processing will be marked unfit for human consumption and set to the side. This includes but is not limited to things like deformed or sickly birds, as well as any bird that expires prior to the start of processing. We are happy to dispose of those birds for you, or to return them to you marked as unfit for human consumption. We do not charge for single birds that are not processed, if an entire batch of birds is found to be unfit or diseased there will be a charge for the labor and costs to clean our equipment.
  • When you process my birds will they come back in bags?
    Yes - any birds processed by O.H.F. are vaccum sealed in shrink bags and labeled with the weight, freezer ready.
  • How will my bird be labeled?
    All birds processed by Old Hibernia Farm must leave us with a label with our name and State license number, the weight of the packaged product, and include proper safety and handling instructions. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are going to provide your own custom labels they MUST include safety and handling instructions. If they do not we will apply one of our own. For more information regarding the legal requirements for labeling please call us at 845-266-3630.
  • How do you make sure the birds I get back are mine?
    When you drop your birds off for processing you are assigned a color. That color stays with each one of your birds throughout the entire process, right through pick up.
  • Do I need to do anything special before bringing my birds to you?
    Feed should be taken away by NOON at the absolute latest the day of drop off, however we prefer they not be fed at all that morning. DO NOT TAKE AWAY ACCESS TO WATER!! If during processing we discover that feed has not been withheld there will be an additional $2.00/bird for the additional cleaning time required. The only exception to this will be for impacted crops. Please make us aware of such condition at drop off.
  • Do I get my gizzards back?
    Yes, and to have them back is included in the prices quoted. If you wish to have them split, peeled and cleaned it will be an additional $ .25/bird.
  • What if I want fresh processed birds (freezer/bulk orders), but do not wish to raise my own?"
    You can purchase birds raised and processed by O.H.F. on a basis of limited availability, first come first serve. If in fact you wish to have a GUARANTEED number of birds raised and processed by us you need to pre-order those on an individually contracted basis. Deposits are required for all freezer/bulk orders. For more information please call us at 845-266-3630.
  • How do I pay for processing?
    Currently we only accept cash or check as payment for goods and services. Deposits may be required to guarantee space on schedule, and/or to secure large volume orders. Any returned checks will be subject to a $50.00 returned check fee, and will result in all future payments being cash payments in advance of services. All payments must be made in full (less any deposits received) at the conclusion of processing. We do not currently offer invoice billing.
  • Are deposits refundable
    The availability of funds for refund in case of cancellation will be determined by a number of factors, including the specific terms outlined when deposit is made. Anytime a depsoit is required you will receive an agreement outlining the rights and responsibilities of both parties.
  • What if something "goes wrong" with an order?"
    Our goal at O.H.F. is to provide fairly priced goods & services, and we belive in "good business". Though we always anticipate smooth operations and successful contract fulfillment, sometimes things "go awry" in this world. Our goal is good service - fair prices - satisfied customers. Each contract for service, each order, and each situation is handled on a case by case basis, and we are confident that we can work with our clients to handle anything that may come our way.
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